The Gay Bagel IRL

The Gay Bagel IRL

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BAegleman kyle is a young and hansom amish man from russia who lives in california. His struggle started at a young age when the bronies took his weed and shoved it up their asses, this was done by his nemesis: neonstrikepony. The two have been fighting ever since the moment and many casualties have been here, vaginalava and kalliemeow have already fallen in the battle but are luckily still alive. The dark forces of neonstrike are growing and will GayBaegle the menace do to prevent a war? We will see what LeFedoraBagel, GaeBagel, GaeBaegle, LesbianBagel, AutismRT, Kylecom and their strongest force, bagel_r34 can do to protect their master @GayBagel.

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