Free People Stock Footage Black Man Smiling at the Camera00:11

Free People Stock Footage Black Man Smiling at the Camera


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The BeginningEdit

The Gaybagel originated as a gangster as fuck nigga who did all the shit with bagels that no other niggers would fuck wit cuz da bagel life just too strong

he was fighting for the crimes of his life (he killed a hunnid-thalland bagel before he throw them in oven and they died like a hundred times tho) and that's when he got PUNCHED BY THE REAL GAY BAGEL

From then on he was A very scared black man and he was just like "nah bruh I aint about dat life i just fuck with the bronies now yo knawmean" but he was too ready for the life so he started turning into a demon and getting in fights with other black homosexual bagels

And now he wears a fedora

But why is he a gay bagelEdit

He got a lot of haters doe but he can't get down by like that cuz he gotta be tru 2 himself know what im saying this is why he the gay bagel true story

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